Tuta absoluta continues to wipe out tomato farms in Nigeria

New York, US – June 9, 2016 – Bloomberg Article on the Tuta absoluta infestation that is currently affecting 15 Africa countries. The report ends with a final conclusion from Dr Shakir Al-Zaidi of Russell IPM: “We recommend a combined solution of farmer education, and applying the Metarhizium anisopliae fungus soil treatment which kills the tomato leaf miner moth insects in their […]

Sustainable solution to African Tuta absoluta tomato pest

DEESIDE, U.K. – June 8, 2016 – Russell IPM unveiled its approach to preventing Tuta absoluta from establishing harmful population levels in tomato fields by deploying nature’s own weapons. By recharging the soil with the same beneficial organisms nature uses to keep the insect population in balance. Dr Shakir Al-Zaidi commented: “A single soil application […]

Tuta absoluta

The Tomato Leaf Miner Moth In 2015, Tuta absoluta was reported for the first time in Nigeria. The tomato leaf miner moth was found in the Arumeru district- an important tomato growing region of the country. Damages The crop pest, Tuta absoluta, which can cause extreme damage in tomatoes, eggplants, aubergine, sweet peppers and potatoes, whilst […]